This photo gallery belongs to one of the excursions made by the Peña Torquilla Mountain Club, from here we want to thank your collaboration with this website.

Welcome to the Peña Torquilla Mountain Club in Guardo (Palencia), where lovers of the mountains and outdoor activities have a place. Here we will tell you updated information regarding the Club and other topics of our interest.

What is presented in these pages reflects a few years of activities, projects, initiatives... The beginning of a "STORY" that has really developed Wednesday to Wednesday, meeting after meeting, without more pretensions, objectives, or goals ... that the common feeling of a diversified passion in each one of us, to emerge like a volcano on each summit, route, journey ...

The fact of opening ourselves as a group to people, of accommodating everyone who wants and is interested in our activities, has meant not only an obvious responsibility, but to maintain certain criteria established as internal rules of the club, arising and created throughout the situations that have been presented to us, before which we have improvised or decided in consensus the best for the development and proper functioning of the club.

May remembering these months of effort and enthusiasm launch us with new enthusiasm for the coming seasons.

Do not trust the mountain and you will have an eternal friend - Author: Jose A. Bardasco ([email protected])